Legal Advice

Plymouth Citizens Advice can provide remote legal advice with University House Law Centre in London. We also have in house legal workers who can provide one off advice or ongoing case support. We may be able to help able to help you in the following areas:


Family Law

Legal Aid Checks


If you are entitled to legal aid, we recommend you seek a solicitor instead of our service.
We can check your entitlement for Legal Aid or you can do so before contacting us by visiting:

Referral Forms

Your application will be assessed by Plymouth Legal Advice Centre for appropriate pathway. This will either be being booked in with one of our Legal Advice Workers or a referral will be made to University house. Please click the relevant referral form below:

Our referral call back time is within 5 working days – you will receive confirmation via text or email when we have assessed your case for next steps.

Please note: We can only support clients as litigants in person. We do not undertake litigation on a client’s behalf or offer representation at court. When receiving advice, clients remain responsible for the management and conduct of their case.