Volunteering FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

I have accessibility requirements - can I still volunteer?

If you have any support, access or equipment needs, we will be happy to discuss these with you to enable you to volunteer with us.

Will volunteering with Citizens Advice Plymouth affect any of my benefits?

You should notify the relevant agency before you start volunteering at Citizens Advice Plymouth if you are in receipt of any benefits.

    When will I be volunteering?

    All volunteering roles are carried out during office hours, which are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. During training volunteer hours are fixed to the training schedule, following completion of training volunteer hours and days are determined with consideration to your availability and adequate coverage of our services.

    Will I need to cover my travel costs?

    We can pay public transport expenses so you’re not out of pocket for volunteering with us.

    Does volunteering ever lead to a job with Citizens Advice Plymouth?

    Many of our paid managers, case workers, administrators and other staff started out as volunteers. Volunteers are welcome to apply for any paid roles for which they feel they meet the job description and specifications.

    What support will I get as a volunteer?

    You will be fully supported in everything you do by your team, your respective Project Manager, and our Volunteer Manager. There are lots of opportunities for development and progression when you join us. We have many initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of our staff and volunteers.

    What are the benefits of volunteering with Plymouth CA?

    Our volunteer roles are varied, challenging and rewarding and our volunteers really enjoy being able to make a valuable contribution and a positive impact on people’s lives. We also offer the following benefits:

    • Full training for each role
    • The experience of working in a busy, professional office
    • An insight into how a national charity works
    • The chance to meet new people, make new friends and be part of a team
    • An opportunity to build skills and confidence
    • The chance to enhance your CV
    Does Citizens Advice (Plymouth) have any age restrictions?

    Our volunteers need to be 16 or over.

    Can I volunteer if you've helped me as a client in the past?

    This will depend on the way we helped you and how long ago it was (at least 3 months after you case closure). We will explore this with you, if relevant, when you apply.

    I’m not a UK citizen, can I still volunteer?

    Before you start volunteering with us, it is important to check that your immigration status allows you to volunteer. You can find more information about different visa rules on this government webpage.

    Good to know: Irish citizens, EU/EEA citizens with settled or pre-settled status, and refugees and asylum seekers are fully entitled to volunteer.

    Can I volunteer if I'm a student?

    We have several student volunteers in our team, both within and outside of Work-Based Learning Placements.

    Can I volunteer if I have a criminal record?

    Having a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to volunteer with us. Whether we’re able to offer you an opportunity will depend on the nature and circumstances of the offence and the relevance to the role you’re applying for. We ask for this information as part of our pre-volunteering checks before your first day.