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Legal Advice Centre

We provide free legal consultancy and support to people with family law, housing and employment, but do not have a in house lawyer and are not entitled to legal aid.

Plymouth Citizens Advice can provide remote legal consultations working with University House Law Centre in London. This means we can offer one off 45 minute consultation with a solicitor conducted remotely.

Plymouth Citizens Advice also have in house legal workers who can provide one off advice or ongoing case support.

Family Law

Issues we cover in Family Law

  • Divorce and Dissolution
  • Completing / responding to a divorce petition
  • Separation and Cohabitation
  • Financial Orders
  • Asset freezing orders
  • Occupation orders
  • Non-molestation orders
  • Child Arrangements
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Domestic abuse
  • Navigating family court and processes generally

Support we can offer

  • Advice on the law, your rights, your options and what to do next
  • Assistance with court applications and statements/evidence
  • Advice on court process and procedure
  • Support with Form filling
  • Support vulnerable clients to get legal aid

Please note: solicitors appointments are only available every Thursday for Family Law. They will take place at either 1200 or 1300


Issues we cover in Employment

  • Discrimination
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Problems with Dismissal
  • Making a grievance at work
  • Asserting your legal rights at work

Please note: solicitors appointments are only available every Wednesday for Employment. They will take place at either 1200 or 1300.

Documents: Please be aware you will need to have any of the relevant documents relating to your employment such as a copy of your contract and payslip for this referral. This supports us in providing you more accurate advice to support you. These can be uploaded as photos, scanned copies, word document or PDF.


We cannot advise if you are currently instructing or receiving advice from a lawyer.

Before contacting us, please complete a Legal Aid check. If you are entitled to legal aid we recommend you seek a solicitor instead of our service.

Referral Forms

Your application will be assessed by Plymouth Legal Advice Centre for appropriate pathway. This will either be being booked in with one of our Legal Advice Workers or a referral will be made to University house to receive a one off 45-minute consultation with a solicitor (conducted remotely)

Please click the relevant referral form below:

Family Law Referral
Employment Law Referral

Our referral call back time is within 5 working days – you will receive confirmation via text or email when we have assessed your case for next steps

Please note: We can only support clients as litigants in person. We do not undertake litigation on a client’s behalf or offer representation at court. When receiving advice, clients remain responsible for the management and conduct of their case.


Issues we cover in Housing

  • private landlord
  • disrepair
  • rent arrears
  • notice of eviction
  • Harassment and illegal evictions 
  • Cases involving anti-social behaviour
  • Mortgage possession cases

We cannot advise on

  • Cases involving local authority or housing association landlords
  • claims relating to entitlements to social housing
  • protections afforded to social housing tenants

Please note: Appointments are with our team and are only available on Mondays either at 10.00 or 11.00

Housing Referral Form