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Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund (KKLF)

Why we exist; our aims and target group

Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund (KKLF) is one of the Sainsbury Family’s Charitable Trusts. In addition to the awarding grants for research on aspects of leukaemia and for relevant studies on related haematological malignancies the KKLF has supported to regional areas providing funding for advise services for patients and carers of patients whom have a haematological malignancies or recognised blood disorder

Since December 2008, the KKLF has supported Plymouth CAB (PCAB) provide specialist advice and assistance to people across The South West Regional Health Authority who have leukaemia (and related disorders) their families and carers. Funding support has secured two specialist caseworkers supported by one administrator. The primary focus is to 200 clients per annum within the South West (Cornwall and Devon); located in Plymouth at Cobourg House clients are identified via a number of referral opportunities from that of inbuilt bureau awareness (i.e. POD) to direct referrals form specialist nurses and hospital departments across the two regions.

How we work

The caseworkers provide support to vulnerable clients, their carer’s and families under a wide field of social areas from social security & benefits (pertaining to claims, reconsiderations, appeals, disability, carers, tax credits and universal credits), employment, housing, debt, family and children and social care to name but a few. Both caseworkers are experienced and accredited i.e. Institute of Money Advice qualified debt specialist and insolvency intermediaries. Casework practice can include that of in house transfer to other specialist teams within PCAB or our partner organisations. Examples of this include grants to reduce or write off South West Water charges, reset water tariffs, reduce or write off energy charges, grants for essential white goods, grants for heating the home and other support. Throughout the process, the caseworkers stay in close contact with the client and act as mediator with any third party so that the need for travelling or unnecessary client negotiation is kept to an absolute minimum, unless of course they may wish to conduct their own affairs.

Our key activities

To support the all referrals as needed within a multitude of social areas in a manner that ensures urgent referrals are contacted and assessed within twenty four hours; contact ranging from face-to-face to email (using secure email system) or combinations of various forms of contact. All information held by the teams is strictly controlled with regards to confidentiality and data protection. Clients can attend the bureau though in most cases they are visited either at home or as in patients; contact can also be facilitated via telephone or email.


  • Ensure that progress and activities support present funding requirements as well as future funding applications.
  • Ensure client needs are met or appropriate referrals made.
  • Continue to identify streams of referrals and maintaining present routes of referral.
  • Ensure quarterly reports are prepared and submitted in line with funding requirements.
  • Identify and attend training that supports the generic advice and assistance provided as well as facilitating in roles requirements (i.e. CPD).