Advice Line

Telephone Sevice

To access the service for the first time or for a new issue the main way to contact Citizens Advice is through our freephone helpline. Our skilled assessors will assess your situation and provide self-help tools and tailored information to help you resolve the issue.  

If you need additional advice or assistance we may signpost to trusted services with expertise in that subject area or refer to other services or organisations either internally or externally that can provide further assistance with your query. 

0808 278 7910

During these times:
Monday to Thursday– 9am to 5pm
Friday – 9am to 4:30 pm


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Our advisers can help you resolve your problem. We will explain your options and the possible outcomes of different courses of action.

We do not tell you what to do – we encourage you to make your own decisions and act on your own behalf.

We aim to help you manage your own problems by identifying options for you.

Citizens Advice will not charge you to call our national phone service or consumer helpline, however your service provider may do.

Calls to our national phone service and consumer helpline cost the same as calling landline numbers, which begin with 01 or 02. They will be included as part of a mobile allowance or a landline call package.

You will be charged for calls not included in your landline package or if you go over your mobile allowance. Calls will also be charged if you do not have a call package with your provider.

Landline calls typically cost up to 12p per minute, plus a setup fee of up to 19p per call. Calls from mobiles typically cost between 3p and 55p per minute. Please note that tariffs vary and are subject to change, so for specific call charge details please check with your own provider.

We previously used numbers beginning 0844, however these no longer directly connect to our services. They now have a message on the line which asks callers to re-dial the 03 number, before they are disconnected. Calls to these 0844 numbers are charged at 7p per minute, plus your telephone provider’s access charge.

Further information can be found on Ofcom’s website