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Feedback And Who To Complain To

Local Citizens Advice

By post:
Citizens Advice Plymouth
3rd Floor Cobourg House
Mayflower Street
Plymouth, PL1 1QX

By email:
National Citizens Advice Feedback team

By phone: 03000 231 900

By email:

Financial Ombudsman Service

By post:
Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
London, E14 9SR

By phone:
0800 023 4567 – free for people phoning from a
fixed line (e.g. a landline at home)

0300 123 9123 – free for mobile phone users
who pay a monthly charge for calls to numbers
starting 01 and 02

By email:


Immigration casework complaints

How to complain about immigration advice.

The Immigration Services Commissioner who
looks after the standards of immigration advice
will investigate complaints about immigration

You can make a complaint instead of
approaching your local Citizens Advice or can
do so at any stage during the Citizens Advice
complaint procedure.

By post:
Office of the Immigration
Services Commissioner
Complaints Team
5th Floor, 21 Bloomsbury Street

By phone:
0207 211 1500
0345 000 0046

By email:


If we’ve let you down,
tell us
We want everyone who uses Citizens Advice to
be happy with the service we provide.
Thats why, if we’ve let you down, we want to
hear from you – no matter how big or small the
issues is.
Often, we’ll be able to put things right. And
even when we can’t, knowing where we’ve gone
wrong will help us do better in the future.
We promise to deal with every complaint
quickly, professionally and confidentially.

Asking the local Citizens Advice to
resolve the problem informally
It’s important to the local Citizens Advice to
know what we’ve done wrong, so we can do our
best to put it right.
Don’t be afraid to speak to the Manager or
person in charge of complaints. They will often
be able to solve the problem straight away.

How: By phone: 08082 787 910
By email:

If they can’t help, or you’re still not happy, you
can make a formal complaint.

Making a formal complaint

There are several ways to make a complaint.
You can write a letter explaining what
happened and send it to the address on the
back of this leaflet, or drop it into the local
Citizens Advice centre you are complaining
Alternatively, you can call or email the Citizens
Advice Feedback team using the details on the
back of this leaflet and they wil pass your
complaint to the right person.
Your complaint will be investigated by someone
who isn’t directly involved. If it’s upheld, we’ll
apologise fully – and , if appropriate, let you
know what we’re doing to put things right.
We aim to respond to every complaint within
eight weeks. If it’s going to take longer than this,
we’ll explain why and keep you informed of

How: By email:

Asking for a review

If you feel we haven’t dealt with your complaint
properly or you aren’t satisfied with the
outcome, you can ask us to review the decision.
Please make sure you ask for this within four
weeks of receiving the decision by contacting
the National Citizens Advice Feedback team,
using the details on the back of this leaflet. The
review will overseen by the Chief Executive of
National Citizens Advice.

Using an independent adjudicator

If you are still not happy with the decision you
can refer your complaint to an independent
An independent adjudicator is someone unconnected with Citizen’s Advice who will decide
whether we’ve dealt with your complaint fairly.
If you want to progress to this stage, you must
contact us within four weeks of receiving your
review decision from Citizens Advice. Contact
the Feedback team using the details already

Contacting the Financial
Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman Service provides a
free, independent service for clients to solve
disputes with not for profit debt advice
The Financial Ombudsman Service will only step
in once local Citizens Advice has had the
opportunity to investigate a complaint so
please contact the local service first.
If your complaint is about debt advice or if you
were seeking advice about your credit record
and you are not satisified with the final
response, of if eight weeks have passed since
you first let us know about your concerns, you
can ask the Financial Ombudsman to review
your complaint.