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Luke Fisher 
Luke previously worked as a legal aid family solicitor and still holds a valid practicing certificate. He is currently working at Plymouth University as a lecturer for legal education having set up the Family Law Clinic to help those that need confidential and accurate legal advice regarding Family Law. He also lectures on a variety of legal topics including legal systems and skills, criminal law and EU law. Luke joined the board of trustees of Citizens Advice Plymouth in 2011 and has been Chair since 2019.  

Tom Cox 
A passionate Plymothian, Tom has lived in and around the area for over 35 years. Currently providing program management capacity for the Mayflower 400 commemorations which brings in excess of £20 million year of cultural activity for the city. Tom delivered changes on Plymouth’s bin days as well as the commercialization of council assets.  

Prior to this, Tom has coordinated a range of advocacy and restorative justice schemes for the council including providing support for juveniles and mentally vulnerable adults that are in custody. Tom has previously acted as a Trustee for the National Appropriate Adult Network supporting strategies and national development. Tom has an interest in advancing the quality of work that Citizens Advice Plymouth continues to deliver.

Chris Mottram 
Chris Mottram’s early career began in chartered accountancy and then transitioned into commercial lending with Lloyd’s bank group. Chris moved into the IT industry as a sales representative and after 5 years progressed to regional director with the world’s 2nd largest super-minicomputer manufacturer, Data General. Chris spent 14 years of his career focusing on large scale application software development at board level as international sales director and international operations director. Chris was personally responsible for running 18 international companies, 3000+ employees located in 56 different countries. With this wealth of experience and knowledge Chris became a Trustee & Treasurer of Citizens Advice South Hams in 2013, Citizens Advice Devon in 2016 and joined Citizens Advice Plymouth in 2018. The experience Chris has developed of corporate governance, legal knowledge and commercial awareness is second to none and forms a crucial part of the development and evolution of Citizens Advice Plymouth. 

Kevin Miller 
For the last 20 years Kevin has been heavily involved in senior HR roles across different industries in order to help inspire a movement towards ‘people-focused’ companies and to build great leaders. A CIPD qualified professional coach/mentor, Kevin’s experience building human resources capabilities within a business enables positive contributions to the Citizens Advice Plymouth strategy. He thrives on the challenge of cultivating workplace cultures, constantly aiming for high performance.  

Away from his role at Citizens Advice Plymouth, Kevin not only runs his own HR consultancy business that aims to help businesses in Plymouth to help local organizations improve their workplace and cultures but he is also an active member as the chair of governors for a local primary school in Plymouth.  

Andy Gunter Smith 
Andy started his career as a builder and business owner of a handful of small but successful high street businesses such as events management, party shops and espresso bars. Following the turn of the millennia, Andy transitioned into the skills and employment sector holding numerous senior leadership positions.  From here, Andy gained significant experience in building strategic relationships, developing commercial and social opportunity and leading and developing teams that deliver growth and performance.  

Following 10 years of building businesses from concept to scale, Andy is now an established and well-respected leader using his experience, knowledge and understanding to shape the future of Citizens Advice Plymouth. Andy aims to assist the board of Trustees to support and develop initiatives and strategize plans for the organization whilst also leading change management, cultural change within the workplace and the restructure to deliver long term growth and profitability. Andy lives locally and believes in the importance of the opportunity to help his local community.

Claire Christie 
As a young, single parent living in Essex, Claire sought out Citizens Advice for help as she found herself in a difficult situation. She received compassionate treatment and essential legal advice that enabled her to resolve the issues she was facing. Inspired by the understanding and support that she was given, Claire joined Citizens Advice in 1999 as a volunteer.  

10 years later and Claire has experienced many different roles including debt caseworker, project manager and now Trustee. Claire is also a magistrate for the Plymouth Adult Court, is an active member of the Magistrates Association Committee and the Magistrates in the community project.  

Her passion and knowledge for the service we provide as well has her abundance of practical experience in the industry makes her a valuable Trustee and beneficial member of the team.    

Louise Clements 
For 38 years, Louise owned and operated a public relations consultancy service in the south west for businesses, organizations, consumers and government & charity businesses. At board level, Louise was involved with managing change for staff, clients, customers and suppliers, whilst also completing several public consultations for property developers and opponents of proposed new developments.  

Magistrate for nearly 20 years, she also sits on the Bar Standards Tribunals and Adjudication Service at the Inns of Court in London as well as being a member of their Strategic Advisory Board. Louise has built up a keen interest in education throughout her career; previously serving as school governor at both primary and higher education.  

Paula Ashworth 
Since 2017 Paula has been a part of the finance subcommittee as a trustee at Citizens Advice Plymouth as well as a secondary school governor, bringing a wealth of experience of financial procedures and management protocol. For 21 years, Paula managed a successful business covering all operational procedures showing a natural ability to manage many crucial practises like accountancy & policies.  

With an instinctive desire to help people and understand the problems they face, Paula decided to become a respite foster carer during this time. After having a family of her own, Paula became employed as The Royal British Legions Treasurer for 5 years, volunteering at her local pre-school and primary school. Paula’s ethos is to give something back to society and help those in need.  

Sharing the same core values as Citizens Advice, Paula also offers a high standard of professional ethical conduct as well as a deep understanding of the need for equal opportunities, empathy and fairness.