Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund (KKLF)

Why we exist

Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund (KKLF) is one of the Sainsbury Family’s Charitable Trusts. In addition to the awarding grants for research on aspects of leukaemia and for relevant studies on related haematological malignancies the KKLF has supported to regional areas providing funding for advise services for patients and carers of patients whom have a haematological malignancies or recognised blood disorder

How we work

KKLF caseworkers support people, their carers or anyone in the family affected by Leukaemia and blood related cancers with casework on any issues they need support with. This could be around benefits, checking what support is available for travel costs, debt and other money advice, housing and family advice amongst other things. We can also apply to the KKLF grant service for things to assist people. Traditionally we would be working from hospitals, cancer centres and homes within the southwest but primarily on phones currently due to the pandemic.

How to contact us

To access the service you can:




01752 507711


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