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Why we exist; our aims and target group

The work of the Citizens Advice Research and Campaigns team targets problems faced by clients and potential clients in Plymouth, the team also works with regional colleagues on issues facing Devon and the South West as well as participating in national campaigns and research.
The research and campaigns team aim to identify causes of underlying problems impacting on our clients and to take action to tackle these at source.

How we work

We collect evidence of problems though our advice and assessment teams flagging issues of significance. This is followed up with further research which may involve client surveys, Freedom of Information requests to statutory agencies, secondary research from existing sources or collaborative research with local agencies or regional Citizens Advice services.
Our campaigns for change and lobbying work are selected from these issues and from issues flagged up by the national team based on similar evidence from across the country.
Most of our research and campaign projects are led by volunteers with support from the research and campaigns coordinator and other staff members within the service.

Our key activities

  • Collation of client evidence
  • Research from other sources
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating campaigns
  • Involving clients and supporters in our campaign work
  • Influencing and networking
  • Communication of issues

We are currently working on: